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Rethinking the Approach to Corporate Tax Reserves

Tax reserves for uncertain tax positions maintained by US companies are substantial and can have a negative effect on earnings. Now with guidance from a Big Four Accounting Firm, companies can rethink their approach to corporate tax reserves.

Intellectual Property

With new threats emerging as competitors look to increase market share, board members, c-suite, and legal, intellectual property, and risk management professionals need to be aware of the key business drivers of intellectual property enterprise value and intellectual property risk. Read about what organizations need to know as they develop a strategy to protect these critical assets and grow enterprise value.

Public R&W Deal Insurance
On the Rise

Over the past several years, the growth of Representations & Warranties insurance in middle market M&A deals has been staggering. Are public deals next?

Significant Growth in M&A
Insurance Usage Continues
to Shape Deal Execution

The number of deals across industries and geographies has grown 96 percent from 2014 to 2017. More insights on the M&A landscape in our latest report.

Providing Dealmakers an Edge in a Crowded M&A Market

The M&A market in North America continues to grow more competitive, as strategic and financial buyers alike look to put capital to work. At the same time, the risks facing buyers in the present environment are higher than at nearly any point in the last decade. Against this backdrop, M&A insurance is playing an increasingly important role in protecting acquirers from potential liability at target companies, while also allowing them to offer sellers more attractive terms.

Rising cross-border activity and heightened risks lead to expanded use of transaction insurance in the Asia-Pacific M&A Market

After years of steady growth in transaction volume and cross-border deals, the deal environment in Asia-Pacific is maturing and becoming more fully integrated with Western markets. On the back of growth in the broader deal market, the number of deals utilizing M&A and other transactional insurances is increasing dramatically. As uptake of M&A insurance has increased, so has competition among M&A insurance providers, which has benefitted clients. Premium pricing is down and insurers are increasingly comfortable providing coverage in previously challenging areas such as technology.