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Cyber Risk is Enterprise Risk, Prepare for the Expected

Cyber Risk is Enterprise Risk, Prepare for the Expected

When it comes to cyber, there is no crystal ball. The digital transformation of the global economy continues to be an ever-accelerating evolution of the ways we conduct business, work and life. The only constant we can expect is change.

As industries embrace digital technology and data to change the nature of their business and their customer interactions, their enterprise cyber risk profiles change just as profoundly. The challenge? Keeping up with and staying informed about the evolving cyber risk landscape.

We believe the future of cyber risk management must be proactive, oriented around sharing threat intelligence and collaborating within (and across) enterprises and industries. Using a holistic cyber risk management approach, supported with unsurpassed investigative skills and proprietary technologies, we work with your organization to quantify cyber risks, protect critical assets, and recover from cyber incidents.

Everything you need to face the cyber world under one secure roof. That is Aon’s Cyber Solutions promise.

Seek: See your company like never before. Our security risk assessments identify your critical assets and vulnerabilities, in addition to evaluating your organization’s core cyber security capabilities. We use real-world testing and simulations to help you understand your vulnerabilities and strengthen your defenses, so you don’t learn about them the hard way.

Shield: Knowing what’s at risk won’t help you protect your organization. From cyber threat simulation or tabletops, to reviewing your incident response plan and exploring risk transfer strategies, we tailor our output to your needs. More than a check-box activity, we analyze your current policies against your unique risks, compliance and control requirements.

Solve: Under attack? We have your back from day one. We’ll give you a quick-acting team of incident responders, including forensic examiners and breach coaches. Our involvement will help to deliver less damage, and ultimately less reputational and financial fallout that can potentially cost millions. Your breach response team will undertake rapid remote support, then work onsite to understand what happened.

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When uncertainty knows no bounds, our experience is a must. Have a question regarding cyber risk? Contact us.

Award-winning assessment tool - Cyber Quotient Evaluation (CyQu)

CyQu is a self-assessment tool that uses leading data analytics to grade your organization’s cyber risk posture. Immediately after completing the online survey, you’ll receive a CyQu score that offers a snapshot of your enterprise’s cyber security strength and highlights the greatest points of vulnerability as identified based upon your responses. You can benchmark your score across individual control areas, and against industry targets and peer scores.

Shortly following the delivery of your CyQu score, one of our professionals will follow-up with a detailed CyQu Report. Your report will include industry-specific risk mitigation strategies and custom recommendations on how to improve your cyber readiness.

What are the benefits?

Instant Visibility
Immediately after completing the self-assessment survey, you’ll receive an automated CyQu Score along with a breakdown of your key assets and exposures across critical control areas, which will highlight vulnerable areas of your network and potential cyber risks facing your organization.

Help Strengthen Security
Shortly after filling out CyQu, you’ll receive a detailed CyQu Report from one of our consultants with next-step recommendations and customized strategies to amplify your cyber resilience.

Use your CyQu Score to benchmark your cyber security posture against industry targets and your peers, making it easier to determine where to prioritize improvements.

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Aon Cyber Solutions 2019 Cyber Security Risk Report

With every new year, new risks emerge and intensify. We believe the greatest challenge organizations will face this year is simply keeping up with and staying informed about the evolving cyber risk landscape.

Aon’s Cyber Solutions explores eight specific risks that organizations may face in 2019 no matter where they are on their digital journey.

Here is a preview of the risks we’ve identified:

  • Technology: Embracing digital transformation creates new and unanticipated risks
  • Supply Chain: Supply chain can be porous, and security wake-up calls are more insistent
  • IoT (Internet of Things): IoT is everywhere, creating more risks than companies realize
  • Business Operations: Operational efficiencies can lead to disruptive security deficiencies
  • Employees: Excess privileges and shadow IT increase employee risk
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Vulnerabilities from deal targets increase with M&A value
  • Regulatory: Managing the intersection of cyber security policy and enforcement
  • Board of Directors: D&Os face growing liability relative to cyber security oversight

Read the full report.

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