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Professional Indemnity


Changing capacity, volatile pricing, the complexity of effective risk transfer solutions, the intricacies of governance and risk management, and the challenges and rewards of well-structured compensation schemes - these are some of the critical issues facing professional service firms today. In a business climate rife with external challenges and market pressures, professional service firms must protect themselves. We at Aon's Professional Services practice can help.

The Professional Services practice is the world's largest broker of professional indemnity insurance. With more than 75 years of experience, our dedicated teams across the globe provide our clients with the most comprehensive and cost-effective professional indemnity coverage available. Throughout the entire life of the policy, we act as our client's advisor and advocate in all aspects of their coverage and exposure. Our unprecedented market share and access give us the unique ability to draft insurance policies with the broadest policy terms and conditions. As opposed to offering an off the shelf policy, we tailor professional indemnity coverage to the specific needs of lawyers, solicitors, notaries, accountants, consultants, actuaries, architects, engineers and other design professionals.

In addition to our own proprietary policy wordings, we offer a number of value-added services. These invaluable services include loss prevention and risk management, as well as claims advocacy and collection.

Our sole focus is professional firms. At Aon's Professional Services practice our professional indemnity policies have become an industry standard and we consistently provide our clients with the most comprehensive and cost-effective coverage available.

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