Transaction Solutions

Tailored to you

We know every deal is unique, so we deliver personalized service to every client to enhance value regardless of the industry or situation. Our understanding of industry and organizational idiosyncrasies allows us to customize policies based on your specific deal needs. And because we are experts of the complex, we can find coverage for all of your operational and financial requirements.

Leading the way

As leaders in the market, we're able to continually apply best practices to all deals. In fact, we created the product in this space and have led its expansion and maturation over the past 15 years. We still have the #1 global footprint in the industry, thanks to a dedicated team of former M&A and tax lawyers who deliver both precision and real-world experience.

Working within your parameters

Our methodology enables us to deliver comprehensive policies consistent with your budget and timeline. We offer both comprehensive and achievable coverage within tight transaction timelines, and believe transparency throughout the process is critical to success.

Transaction Liability Insurance Products include:

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