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Global Regulatory Compliance


Legal, fiscal, and regulatory compliance has emerged as an important concern of virtually all international businesses. Differences between jurisdictions in terms of customs, practices, regulations and rules can be daunting. The level of scrutiny and the number of jurisdictions affected have never been higher, and for professional service firms an increased focus on compliance has also become an important factor in the negotiation of terms within client engagements.

The risk exposures are real; the financial and reputational consequences of a breach can be severe. It is important that the compliance measures employed will stand up to scrutiny and effectively protect the business. At the same time they must also be cost effective and in line with the business's commercial objectives.

The scale and complexity of the issues can be daunting, and selecting the right solution can present its own challenges. At Aon's Professional Services practice we understand these challenges. We have many years of experience and many years of focused investment from which to draw in the support of our clients.

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