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For specific information on our services for Design Firms, please contact:

Americas Region
Mark J. Peterson, Managing Director and Design Professional Practice Leader
t: +1.816.698.4645

Ex-Americas Region
Michael Earp, Design & Consulting Firms co-Practice Leader
t: +1.312.381.1187

Design Firms

The Design & Consulting Firms practice is a newly formed practice group, its two constituent practices being the Design Firms practice (previously known as the Design & Project Professionals Practice dp3 ), and the Consulting Firms practice. This grouping brings together the personnel and highly regarded expertise of both previous practices to better serve our clients in the handling of these complex risks.

The Design Firms practice is a fully integrated global team for our design and project professional clients. We provide comprehensive insurance advice across the globe. Aon is the only insurance broker with a unified global team dedicated to providing specialized insurance brokerage and risk advisory services to design and project professionals; architects, engineers, surveyors, project/construction managers and other design professionals, including design and build contractors.

Our organization is capable of acting globally because we recognize that our clients in the construction industry are seeking work overseas, and Aon needs to be able to respond instantly to issues affecting our clients on a local or global level. This global platform allows us to reach insurance markets and new sources of capital anywhere in the world on behalf of our clients.

The Design Firms practice brings together client service teams that have the right combination of industry, subject matter and geographical experience. We understand the impact of change in the construction industry, to support our clients' strategic objectives domestically and globally. This cohesive approach means we can identify trends, determine strategies and mitigate loss to get the best deal for our clients.

The core Design Firms practice members are based in Chicago and London, plus two members of the team are located in Canada. In addition, our Australian colleagues have established a center of excellence in Brisbane that wholesales risks into London, either fully placed within the London market or part London and part local insurers, establishing strong relationships with the clients and their insurers.

A major feature of the Design Firms practice is the work we often carry out in relation to project specific placements, as well as annual practice policies for construction professionals. In addition to the historical project specific approach, the Design Firm practice is one of the market leaders in Owners Protective Professional Indemnity Insurance (OPPI), and its close cousin Property Developers Professional Indemnity Insurance. These alternative products have been developed to provide project owners a means to purchase one professional liability/indemnity policy to protect them from losses arising from construction professionals' negligence.

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